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A creative is the actual advertisement, either the video file hosted by AkaDigital or a 3rd party tag.

RTB Supported Video

- Video Length Video has to be less than or equal to requested duration (i.e. we can bid on a 15 second

request with a 10 second video.)

  •  15 second

  •  30 second

  •  60 Second


Video Dimensions

- All hosted videos will be scaled to fit the player size on screen

 400x225  400x300  480x360  640x360  1920x800


Notes Regarding Video Dimensions:

 Google only supports: 480x360, 640x360, and 1920x800.

 If you are using a 3rd party tag, you will need to use the Google approved ad formats if you want to run on Google.


Supported Companion Ads

- Only standard image files are accepted. Flash files are not supported.

 300x250 , 300x60


Video Placement

  •  Pre-Roll (This represents majority of RTB inventory)

  •  Mid-Roll

  •  Post-Roll Recommended Aspect Ratios


- We will encode and automate to the correct size

  •  4:3

  •  5:2

  •  16:9 Video


- Supported File Types  mp4, flv, webm, mov, wmv, mpg, mpeg

- Supported File Size  Maximum is 60MB. The video will be encoded down to a workable file size (2-5MB).

- 3rd Party Tags Video Specs : If you are using 3rd Party Video Tags, the specs are as follows:

- Supported Tag Type: VAST 2.0 In order to be accepted by the exchanges, this tag must include the following files. VPAID not supported:

- H.264 (MP4)

- Flash Video (FLV)

- Other formats may be included but will not be used

- WebM is recommended, but not required Supported File Size

- Recommended is 1MB. Maximum is 10MB.

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